• DC Triathlon is pleased to announce a new partnership with Zone3.   Zone3, the fastest growing triathlon swim brand in North America, is excited to present its award winning range of products. For wetsuits, goggles, swimwear, neoprene accessories, training equipment, trisuits, and other items, Zone3 North America has you covered! Check out its…[Read more]

  • There are many worthy club members that qualify for each of these slots.  Here are just some of the names:

    Spirit of DC Tri Award: Ed Moser (club historian), Bipin Badhe (great spirit and energy), Cynthia Steele (great spirit and energy), Glenn Thomas, David Jiang (should get the award every year), Joyce Jones (great spirit and energy).

    Rookie…[Read more]

  • Hello.   I would like to nominate myself for one of the open Board positions.   I have been an active member of DC Tri since I moved into the area in 2012.   Over the years that I have been with the club, I have benefited greatly with my training, participating in the club IM training program (for my first IM in 2014) and preparing me for back to…[Read more]