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Lake Anna State Park itself has 4 types of lodging

1.  2 Fancy 6 bedroom Lodges
2.  Ten 2 bedrooms cabins
3.  Six bunkbeds cabins, with bathrooms at about 50-100 yards away
4.  40 Tent camp sites, each can take at least 4 tents

Because there are a lot of DCTri folks who use PeasantMan as a training camp/socializing weekend, #1 and #2 are all gone.  They are usually gone about a year ahead of time.  This has happened very year for the past 3-4 years.  Even though it’s not officially a DCTri sponsored training camp weekend, it is, by far, the biggest get together of DCTri club members of any training camp that you will ever attend.  We expect about 150 DCTri club members (and another 50-ish non-club members) on Saturday and 300+ on race day.  This is not an accident.  We built it in a manner that makes it fun for folks so that they return every year.

For #3, there is one left.

For #4, 38 of the 40 campsites are gone.

I would suggest that you either jump on it now or risk not getting one once more people sign up for the race.  If you do get a campsite, please share it with others since it can comfortably take 3 more tents.  Plus, you’ll have other DCTri members to cook smoores with at night 🙂

Of course, you can always rent a hotel outside of the park.  There is also a nearby campsite that can take tents, but none of these options are inside of the Lake Anna State Park.