Reply To: Splash and Dash prep – what to wear?

David Eng


The forecast has changed and it will be really cold, not unlike last year.  Always hard to know what the weather will be like in March/April.

I would suggest taking the time when you get out of the water to thoroughly dry yourself, and then put on something warm for your run but not tight fitting.  I will be throwing on a pair of cotton sweat pants and fleece jacket, and maybe even a windbreaker jacket.  I know cotton isn’t great, but for a 2.4 mile run, that should be fine.  Also, I’ll have gloves and a beanie.

If you truly are super competitive and want to save as much time in transition between the swim and the run, last year, some guy jumped out of the water, didn’t even dry himself and put on a pair of sneakers and then ran out in the cold. He did not wearing anything other than his swim jammers.