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An update in case anyone else is interested. I eventually went to Terrel Hale at Georgetown Sports Massage (if you’re interested google will pull it up).

I’m currently training for a 95 mile ultra marathon so my training is now a lot less balanced (between swimming, cycling and running). I’m really feeling the benefits of seeing Terrel 1-2 times a week, I’m running much higher mileage than ever before and feeling better with it. Terrel is also interested in the mental side of sport (eg visualization) and bio feedback (heart rate and body temperature) so he has helped me think about my training and event in new ways, rather than just logging the training miles / gym sessions.

Terrel works with some top athletes, running and triathlon, and he provided massage at the end of IM Maryland in 2016 so he knows the sport.

I would definitely recommend Terrel if anyone is looking for sports massage.