Reply To: Wet suits not allowed – what do women wear to race in


This is actually a good question. So the tri kit usually consists of a triathlon top and triathlon shorts. The triathlon shorts have a small amount of padding but significantly less than bike shorts. So if you want to put on bike shorts, you would have to change out of your tri shorts and put on bike shorts or start out wearing bike shorts. You can do this but, honestly, at the HIM distance, it’s not really needed. Just practice in your tri shorts leading up to your race and you should be mostly acclimated. This is more of a concern when it comes to the Ironman distance.

What I will tell you is that you can swim in your bike shorts but they will absorb more water and be heavier because they have more padding. There are no changing tents to change out of tri shorts and into bike shorts. And it is very hard to get out of spandex and back in spandex when you are wet from the swim. The only way I can see that you could wear bike shorts is if you have a pair that fits over top of your tri shorts. Sounds confining and more opportunity for chaffing. So you have to decide if you really need this padding. If you do, maybe you are better buying a pad that goes over your bike saddle.

Hope this helps!