Reply To: Sports drinks advice


Thank you Julia for your email!  I was hoping that folks would offer feedback since everyone should have experience with this situation.  However I don’t want your question to go unanswered.

I have a few recommendations:

  1.  Look to see what is being served on the race course.  It’s worth trying it out even if it’s not your choice beverage.  You need to know if your body will handle it in the event you need to rely on the course.
  2.  Most of my athletes prefer non sugary drinks as well. If this is the case, I recommend you try Skratch.  It is made with natural sugars (not artificial sugars) and it has a much higher amount of electrolytes than a supplement like Nuun.  There are several flavors as well so hopefully there is one that sounds good to you.  They have sample packets that you can buy to give it a try before investing money on a larger volume of a flavor.

Anyone else have feedback?  What is working for you?  Everyone should have an opinion here!  Let’s get the discussion started 🙂