Reply To: Sports drinks advice


I’ve been using Nuun on rides and swims (had lots of leg cramping issues this past year). Recently we tried Skratch and will use that now also; our goal race uses Gatorade endurance, so I need to get some of that and try it out too

I use normal Gatorade post-workout regularly. I also started taking Magnesium supplements to help with the legs. I realized I drink tons of water but don’t get sufficient electrolyte replacement so I was diluting my body salts too much. Since I started, very few leg cramps and seize-ups.

My suspicion is that many are similar in terms of quantity of electrolytes so consider what else is in there (sugar,etc). So the major issue is probably whether you like it enough to drink it several times per week for months on end; and how your body reacts to using it.