Reply To: Congrats and Post-Race Questions


Adding on to the discussion of yesterday’s OWS…

First–the weekend was a blast and the Peasantman was so well organized and facilitated. It was a great experience and I’m glad I met so many of you there!

Next, I did about 10 OWS at National Harbor last summer, completed our clinic and feel fairly confident in the water. Saturday afternoon was my first time (ever) swimming in a wet suit and I did two laps at Lake Anna and felt comfortable with my time, speed, breathing, etc.

I can’t wrap my head around why yesterday’s swim was such a challenge. I felt like my wet suit was choking me and never quite got my breathing down. It was tough and I spent about half of it doing the back stroke.

Potential contributing factors:

  • no warm up swim due to having to wait for a timing chip
  • perhaps swallowed water

Did anyone else have issues? Do we have to wear a wet suit in Jamestown? I feel like I’d rather pass on the free speed if it means I can swim consistently.