Reply To: Peasantman 'Tune Up' Race & Training Weekend – May 6-7


I had such a great time at Peasantman this weekend. It was a nice measure of my overall progress from last year when I did the sprint as an NTPer and could barely run 3 miles without walking.  I was nervous about whether my legs would hold up after my long ride on Saturday, but I felt great the whole time (working at an easy, rather than race-pace).

What do I still need to work on? Well, sighting. I checked my Garmin afterwards and I swam what amounted to be an extra 305 meters. Oops! There’s nothing like inadvertently adding on 2o% to the swim. I sensed that I was not taking the most direct route between buoys (more of an arc-approach, rather than a straight line), and I felt shifts in my stroke with the full-sleeved wet-suit. I was not pushing myself pace-wise on the swim, but even at the pace I went I probably could have shaved 4 minutes off if I had been sighting more regularly. And- was it just me or were the buoys moving? (Tina? Kelly? Brian?- feel free to chime in here) .

This was a reminder that I need to work on sighting during my pool workouts. And, I definitely have room to grow in terms of pushing myself during my pool workouts. This was much easier when I was attending morning Master’s practices. Fingers crossed the boiler at the pool gets fixed at some point soon, but until then I will try to do that on my own.