Reply To: Looking for new long-ride routes and intel on the Eagleman Course


Heidi – I have done Eagleman 3 times, so I’ll try to provide information on the bike course.  I think the stops on the cue sheet are the actual stops for the race, not places that you can stop on the ride.  If I recall, any stores or gas stations are towards the beginning and the end (before mile 10, after mile 46).  Most of the ride is through a Wildlife Refuge, so it is pretty barren.  Traffic should not be too bad.  And I personally do not enjoy the ride – mainly because it is usually 90 degrees with headwind of hot air blowing in my face and sucking the life out of me, but I also find it dull.  But it would probably be good training if you are doing Williamsburg.

I’m not sure where the turn is that Coach AJ was referring to – I had people pointing in the right direction.  And I would also check to see if it has rained a lot before you go down – most of the course is low-lying, so standing water may be on the course (like what happened at IMMD last year).

If you have any other questions, let me know.