Reply To: Tune Up Events


I was supposed to race Rock Hall. Last weekend after my long run I came down with an infection (not sure if related to training; could be, but who knows). I’ve had a very tough early week (pain, fever) and have been able to resume training in the last few days, but I’ve taken it easy. This is new territory for me, as I rarely get sick, and it’s too bad because I was feeling strong (now, not so much; but I’m getting there). I think I could have raced, but seeing the times posted by most people, wow, that was a fast race on Saturday.

I’m new at this getting sick and recovering thing, what I’ve done is just go by feel with an extra eye on HR. I’ve ignored pace / speed / power for a few days, just wanted to get back into things. This past weekend I was able to train 50% of the volume prescribed (for Rev3, that’s the week with the most volume) and I actually felt OK. Not super great, but fine. I felt like I could have done more, but wanted to train/rest, if that makes sense at all. This morning in the pool I swam faster than usual, so that’s a good sign (I’m more rested I guess). I’m actually kind of glad we don’t have 2+ hrs runs anymore (well, race day for me will be like that; but then it’s just suffer time).

I just signed up for the training camping weekend at Williamsburg, that will be my main focused preparation. Is anyone else here going?. So no more races before the main event for me. I was looking at maybe squeezing a race towards the end of June but my schedule doesn’t work and I actually prefer to focus on practicing HIM race pace for the next few weeks, I feel like I need that. There will be more races in the second half of the season for me hopefully.

PS: on top of all this, I have a new bike and helmet, just a couple weeks old. I am now 100% on my professionally fit position and more aero, but still getting used to the new kit.