Reply To: Tune Up Events


Peasantman Oly (specifically the swim) did not go well for me. So the Rock Hall Oly swim was a great confidence booster, even though with the congestion caused by start waves and two loops, I am SURE I swam more than the standard distance.

I am frustrated that I haven’t seen any bike improvement though. Despite a 15 min PR from last year, my bike was still 2 min slower.  I have been doing the miles, and did Off-season spin the last two years, but am not seeing the improvement I would like. Maybe I should just resign myself to my own relatively slow pace…

That said, I am looking at my training plan which calls for 1 mile hill repeats again tonight and am stuck. We have had a hard time finding bike-friendly hills (of 1 mile) near Capitol Hill. Any suggestions? TIA