Reply To: adjusting training


Hi Carlos,

I’ve been through this last week, I had an infection that also affected my training. It’s infection season I suppose. FWIW I always use earplugs in the pool, although that wasn’t my problem. I don’t know if a week is too much or not, that is something that you will have to assess yourself. I didn’t take that long, I rested for 2 full days which is something I hadn’t done since December. Took the first couple of workouts very easy, with little expectations. This week is recovery week for me, so that has helped get back into it too. I feel super rested, and it shows in my workouts, even though it’s recovery week there is some intensity there and I feel very strong. You might be surprised what a little extra rest will give you, at least that’s how I feel right now (it’s actually been HARD sticking to the plan and holding back the last few days). I guess the main things is how do you feel? Does the idea of going out on a run or ride feel like something you want to do? I know when I was knocked down I certainly didn’t feel like it. You probably shouldn’t swim for a week, that can make it worse. As for adjusting the training plan, I will let coach AJ be more specific but in general with just one week you are not going to be losing much fitness, so you can treat those workouts as “it didn’t happen” and just move on to the next week.

Good luck healing, you will come out stronger on the other side (that’s what I keep telling myself, ha!)