Reply To: Atlantic City 70.3


Thank you, Shannon, for sharing your experience.  I can hear the excitement shining through in your race report.  And it should because, particularly given this is only your third triathlon, you had an amazing race!  Your time was excellent, you beat your goal time, you learned a lot of good lessons and most importantly, you enjoyed the experience!  It can’t get better than that.

Yes, the weather was surprising!  I am sure you probably were low on electrolytes just because of this shift in weather.  Your body wasn’t acclimated to it so it likely took more electrolytes to stay ahead of your needs.  Given the Gatorade helping, this suggests that you were probably lacking electrolytes and potentially calories as well.

Great lesson about not keeping your tires in the direct sun or a hot car.  Working hard to keep your bike cadence up so you can crush the run (like you did).  And sometimes, not knowing exactly where you are in your race (time-wise), it takes the pressure off and you end up with a more enjoyable, successful (and speedy) race!  So it wasn’t all bad!

All in all, you had incredible growth this season and your accomplishment is well deserved!  It will be exciting to see how much more progress you make.  Congrats again and thank you for sharing your experience!