Reply To: Clinic Days Agendas – March 4 & 11


Thank you, Amy, for asking the right question!  In my reminder email today, I was going to supply this information…so here you go!

Because we are on a strict time frame, please be on time and respect the schedule outlined below.  For March 4th (Sunday), the HIP race planning seminar starts at 10:45 am.  However if you would like to sit in on race planning logistics and transitions for the Ironman distance, please join us at 10:15.  Otherwise, we will merge the two groups and discuss the items needed for a successful race day that apply across long course racing (Hint: it starts now and not July 8th so be sure to join to be as prepared and ready as possible).

In addition, please bring your lunch and feel free to eat when you are able/desire. Clinic leaders are aware that participants will be eating their lunch during the seminars.  Please bring your gear – swim gear for swim stroke analysis clinics, bike for bike handling clinic, running shoes/clothes for run clinic and foam roller for foam rolling clinic. Otherwise, the clinics are classroom style but comfortable clothes are recommended. The injury prevention clinic will have you on the floor and highlighting your endurance strengths and weaknesses!  Since we encourage note taking, please bring appropriate supplies to take note as we will be posting the handouts instead of printing them off.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning, rain or shine!

Coach AJ