Reply To: Judgement call

Charles Carroll

So I did end up racing. They shortened the swim to 1000 meters which I don’t think they needed to, once my feet and hands went numb I was good to go.


swim – I wore two swim caps and my wetsuit and was pretty much fine! Need to work on sighting but swim went well all things considered. I warmed up by swimming a few hundred meters before the race. Really helpful


T1 – took me a few minutes to warm up. I had practiced transitions but none with a wetsuit so it was as hassle to get off quick and then didn’t have a good system to store it at the transition area. Pretty low effort to get on the bike and things went as I practiced

bike – hills got the best of me. I’ve been working on a indoor trainer with TrainerRoad, which has really helped my endurance but I wasn’t the best at flawless gear changes. I practiced nutrition with my Gatorade endurance and a gel. Took Joe’s advice and set my watch to just do cadence and HR but lost my cadence sensor half way through!!

T2 – nothing special here


Run- ran out too fast and burned a few matches. Didn’t use walk run until too late. My watch metronome was still on so I had to deal with my watch beeping at 90 rpm during the race which was annoying.


Overall good race and super fun. I’ve got some things to work on but primed to keep pushing!