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Thank you, Lauren, for your feedback!  Lots of good lessons learned here.  One of the reasons why you do a non competitive race like this is to figure out things like your wetsuit situation.  Is your wetsuit really too tight or do you just need to practice in it?  Many people feel like their wetsuit is too tight during their first race of the season mainly because it is tight.  You just need to get used to this feeling…if it’s not too tight!

For the rest of you, have you broken out your wetsuit yet?  When will you try it or swim in it in the near future?

Also, did you attend my run clinic on Saturday?  I talked about cramping (and will do so on June 11th at the clinic).  Typically cramping is when you ask your body to do something it is not prepared to do.  If you are not running hills or pushing some tempo zones on your bricks, you might need to getting closer to your HIM to be prepared.  As for right now, we are building endurance so you don’t have a great deal of harder efforts on the schedule.  However as you start transitioning to race specific workouts (just before Williamsburg), be sure to following the pacing guidelines so you get in the appropriate pacing to minimize cramps.

Great feedback!  Thank you for sharing your lessons learned.  Everyone can be learning from these lessons.  What did others experience during this race?

Glad you enjoyed Peasantman.  It is definitely a great, low key, fun season opener!  And it’s for charity 🙂