Reply To: Goal Race: Williamsburg!


Congratulations everyone who raced today!  The bike and run were as predicted but the swim was one of the harder ones I have raced.  That current just didn’t want the athletes to reach the turn buoy.  If the turn buoy looked like it was getting further away then closer, it was.  The current was pushing you in the wrong direction.  As a result of the swim difficulties during the half race, the Olympic distance start was delayed an hour.  In addition, the race organizers moved the Olympic buoys closer to shore, especially the turn buoy.  Kudos to everyone adjusting to the harder swim then projected and adjusting your race plans.

We still have some athletes training for their goal race and they would love to hear what worked and didn’t work today.  The swim difficulty was a big one, especially since this swim has historically been one of the easier ones with the current.

Congratulations again today!