Reply To: Goal Race: Williamsburg!


Thank you Nick for your feedback.  Of course, we don’t want to point a finger at you.  Thankfully you got through the training and racing without issue.  But, as you mentioned, you also left some opportunity on the table.  Get that fit and see if it works for you.

Otherwise, the other real important reason for getting a bike fit is so that you don’t cause injury, imbalances or compensations.  For short course racing, this isn’t as vital.  Instead you just leave potential on the table.  However if anyone does want to continue to race or progress to a longer distance, a bike fit is absolutely vital.  Thanks again Nick for sharing your experience here as I am guessing most have not had a professional bike fit yet.

Again, great work Nick!  Tremendous growth this season.  Can’t wait to see what is ahead for you!