Reply To: Ironman Mont Tremblant


Thought I would give a spectator report for IMMT. 🙂 I unfortunately cannot give a race report but as a spectator, it was quite confusing with everything in metric even in the Ironman tracker app!

Some other thoughts:

  • The swim transition seemed awfully long. I think I read 800 yards. I’m not sure if this is typical of Ironman races but the saving grace is that the whole length is carpeted.
  • The transitions were a bit confusing as they were in French. Nor did they say run in/out or bike in/out like most races, just simply “run course” or “bike course” since you came back the same way that you went out. Good to get familiarized beforehand.
  • There was fairly big temperature difference. It was foggy in the morning and then it got pretty hot during the day even for us spectators so I imagine worse for those on the course.
  • From what I heard, the run course in the forested section was pretty dark since there is no lighting. Not a problem if you are fast otherwise I would bring a headlamp.
  • The gazillion identical looking transition and special need bags. As someone that wears glasses I would be afraid of them being accidentally snapped or getting the wrong bag. I made a mental note to remember to bring a case put the glasses in and mark the bag with a sharpie or tie a ribbon like what Rob did to make the bag standout.

Congrats to everyone that made it to the starting line and those of you that completed IM Lake Placid! Fun to read all the race reports so far and pretty shocking to hear Jarda’s report about the chain snapping. With such a long day, it really seems like you can’t take anything for granted!