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Survey response about value of membership: The club seems fragmented compared to a few years ago. The select favorites get all the benefits why others do not. For example the prizes for last year’s USAT NCC were never given out. I am guessing someone kept the prize for themself.

President’s reply:

The club is a bit more fragmented than it has been in previous years, but we have also grown in size and our membership has spread out across the region. Sadly the fragmentation is somewhat of the answer to still getting groups of club members together on a more regular basis. We are trying to do more things to bring club members together (training events, training races, happy hours & meetings), but the extent that we can bring together only goes so far as people willing to come together! We can host a club happy hour but that only works if members from MoCo or NoVA or PG County are willing to come into the city for that event!

The benefits of the club are available to all: racing discounts, product discounts, happy hours, member meetings, etc. Raffle prizes at events and happy hours and meetings are available to all. Regarding any awards for USAT’s NCC, as far as we know there were no awards given out by USAT last year. While years ago, the NCC competition had some great prizes (CompuTrainers, Garmins, and the like), the competition has become more of a just for “fun” thing to keep the clubs involved with USAT over the winter months and their only involvement is putting the website together so that participants can track their mileage. If I remember correctly two or three years ago, they gave us a bunch of massive Gatorade bottles (like twice the size of bike bottles) as prizes that we couldn’t even give away and those were the last time we got anything from USAT for participating in the NCC. I’m pretty sure last year we got zilch from USAT and as far as we know there are no prizes for this year either.

Having said that though, we are looking at the club itself contributing toward some prizes for our active club members who are participating in the NCC! So stay tuned for that as we figure it out!


President | DC Triathlon Club