Reply To: Clinic Day Agendas – March 3 & March 10


Great question Alex!  Absolutely!  You are more than welcome to come and go as needed (even in the middle of a seminar if needed).  Just please be as quiet and courteous as possible (but we know you all will be). 🙂

This is a great time to talk about what is expected and what to bring.  So thank you Alex!

First of all, these clinic days are a major undertaking with 30+ volunteers and 150 participants between all training programs.  So we ask you to be on time, please try to stick to the schedule (not overtaking conversations when we need to move on to the next clinic/group, etc) and please plan accordingly.  We often get set back when participants transition in and out of the pool. So please give yourself enough time to get to all clinics on time.  You have 15 minutes to make this happen.  Great time to practice your transition skills! ?

One of the best ways to be prepared and plan is bringing the appropriate items with you.  For the first skills clinic day, you will need to bring your own lunch (all presenters and volunteers know you will be eating your lunch when needed), your running gear, your swimming gear and comfortable clothes for all other clinics (like injury prevention where they will be putting you through warm up drills, glut activation exercises, etc).

For the second skills clinic day (March 10), you will need your lunch, comfortable clothes, your bike and (cold weather) biking gear, your swimming gear and your foam roller!

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!