Reply To: Moving workouts around questions


No need to redo your LT/FTP test.  They test the same thing (and correlate them) if you use both your HR monitor and power meter.

Here are my recommendations for you to follow to adjust your schedule.
No more than two days of longer and/or harder workouts without a recovery day.  A recovery day is an easier swim workout, EASY high cadence spin or day off.  This general rule will minimize your risk for injury, illness and overtraining.  Rest is when your body recovers, adapts and acclimates so recovery days (and weeks) are as important as your workouts!
In addition, please do not move workouts from one week to another.  In order to benefit from periodization, the workout must be completed in the scheduled week.  If you cannot complete it, please do not try to make it up in the following week.  Due to this, I always recommend that you to plan ahead and always prioritize your longer (or race specific) workouts.