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Hi Jenni,

Join the NTP program, if you are new to the sport.

Sign up for PeasantMan, if you want to meet other club members. Every year, more than 100 DCTri club members attend the PeasantMan training/race weekend at Lake Anna. These people include folks in the NTP, Oly, Half Ironman, and Ironman training programs. There will be zero training/racing events where you will be among more DCTri folks than at PeasantMan. Besides from all the DCTri folks racing, there will be 50+ DCTri folks there to volunteer. Race day is Sunday, but there will be about 100 people who show up on the day before to train/socialize and eat, like a company picnic. Many will rent campspots at the lake for the week, a few will get hotel rooms … so come out 🙂

You can see a video of it from below.

This is the registration link

100% of the proceeds go to charity. It was founded by club members, like yourself, during a DCTri Happy Hour. 100% of the the people putting on PeasantMan are DCTri club members. As a bonus, the co-RD also lives in Silver Spring, runs in Rock Creek, and is a marathoner, so you may run into him without knowing it 🙂