Reply To: Clinic Day Agendas – March 3 & March 10


Good morning IMPers!  It’s time to start talking about round two!  Since RnR Half Marathon/Marathon is on Saturday and DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME is Saturday evening (turn your clocks ahead one hour), let’s start planning now.

**Please note I will not be online on Saturday to be answering last minutes questions like I was able to do last Saturday.  So…what do you need to do to prepare? Here are the details:


Clinic Day #2: March 10th (~9:15 am – 3 pm) at Catholic University*

*Please note that the content will be different for each clinic day so please make an effort to attend both dates. For this reason, we planned the dates out as well in advance as possible. The clinics will be held at the Raymond A. DuFour Center at the Catholic University of America (Address: 3606 John McCormack Drive NE, Washington, DC 20064).


9:15-9:45      Registration (Pool)

9:45-10:45    Bike Handling (Side Lot)**

11:00-12:00  Foam Rolling (Balcony of pool)

12:15-1:15      Swim Stroke Analysis (Pool)

1:30-2:30      Nutrition  (Room B/C)

**Bike handling clinic will be weather dependent.  Plan to head outdoors to practice drills unless it is pouring rain.  If so, we will then stay indoors and do a lecture style clinic instead.

What to bring? Swim gear, bike gear including your bike, foam roller, comfortable cloths and your lunch.  In addition, Rebecca, sports nutritionist, encourages you to print off the nutrition handout and bring it with you to take notes.

Again, it is daylights saving time on Saturday evening so please plan accordingly!  See you Sunday!