Reply To: Bike Nutrition Experiments

Katie SB

Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined the program and am very much looking forward to training/comparing nutrition notes/bike routes/tackling this exciting/terrifying adventure with you all!  I’m training for Ironman Maryland in September and doing Musselman HIM in July.

I thought I’d jump onto this thread as this is where I made my biggest mistake at HIM stage and somewhere I have a lot to learn.

I definitely did not spend anything like enough time figuring out the nutrition side beforehand and really paid for it on the day – early on the bike leg I started eating a Clif peanut butter powerbar, quickly got cramps, and really struggled to get anything more than liquid down for the rest of the bike and run.  It was v hot and humid so pretty hard-going from there.

I’ve done some longer running stuff since and fuelled that with gu gels, rice balls, and small bits of PBJ sandwiches, which has gone much better, though end up sick of gels and sweetness, so will definitely heed the salt/sweet advice in the nutrition guide I’m reading at the mo and try the potatoes idea.

Have also ordered some Tailwind to start experimenting.

Really helpful to hear what is working/not working for you!

Best wishes,