Reply To: Ironman Bike Nutrition

Amanda Clinton

Greetings all –

I similarly offer apologies for missing the March 10th clinic. I know I would have benefited from being there and very much wanted to attend. My work travel schedule is planned months in advance and I had to be on the road the weekend that 2nd clinic was offered.

In terms of nutrition, my experience on endurance training and races (although in the IM category it’s 1/2IM not a full IM) is similar to what Coach AJ mentioned: When I manage sodium well, I achieve better results. Too much sugar leaves me depleted and nauseous.

At the advice of Coach AJ, I shifted away from Noom and am trying Scratch. I still find it a bit too sweet and need to dilute it a lot. I wonder at what point it is too diluted to be effective?

Thanks – Amanda