Reply To: Half Ironman On-Bike Nutrition

Bill Healy

Still experimenting, but….Clif Bar (240 cal) & pretzels during first 2 h, Gu pack during last 45 minutes.  I weigh 150 lbs, so looking at ~250 calories per hour.

For liquid, I have been sticking with water, but will probably try some energy drink, particularly for electrolytes.


  • So far so good, but…
  • With the cold weather, I am hoping that we are getting a decent gauge of what we will experience at Eagleman.  I haven’t been taking in as much water as I probably should.  Also, not sure about electrolytes.  I have used electrolyte tablets in the past and may need to do so for Eagleman, and should probably start experimenting now.
  • It’s definitely been an effort to eat and drink as much…I would have expected to be hungrier.  Maybe it would be worth it to practice after a long swim?
  • Another challenge with biking in cold weather has been stopping to take off gloves to get food..I am not quite agile enough to do so safely while riding. 🙂  Hopefully I can test how easy things are to eat on-the-go without all of the gear on.
  • Will probably try some salted roasted potatoes soon.  I like the idea of getting some real, savory food.