Reply To: Recovery Week

Jorge Alvarez

Just like Margaret mentioned – you can take this test again later on. This is just to determine your thresholds for training purposes. If you didn’t do well, then focus on redoing it the following week.

A few things I have noticed with my training:

  • Truly – read the Athlete’s Guide as you will find a lot of helpful info
  • Running cadence –
    • As a long distance runner who transitioned to triathlons, I thought I had this one down as long distances are my thing (crazy, I know). However, after working really hard on my 90 cadence as well as my foot landing, oh boy, I can tell you that I have seen MAJOR improvement and I am not as sore as I used to. In fact, i couldn’t run every day and now I can.
    • Are you running at the HR threshold suggested? Pay attention to it. You can set different settings on your Garmin (if you have one) to see which zone you are in while running or biking
  • ROLL your legs – honestly, even if your legs feel fine, you need to roll them!!!!
  • STRETCH – especially on your days off, why at work, making food, etc. There are SO many easy stretching exercises you can do
  • SLEEP!!!!! Trust me.. I know how busy life can be (I’ve got 2 jobs – one being extremely demanding and the other one as a part time teacher), a pup, training, amongst other things) but something I take very seriously is making sure I get my 8 hours of sleep. If you have to wake up early to make sure you get your workouts done, then commit to it and do it. This will certainly help you with not being as tired after your workouts

Training is not easy, but the Athlete’s Guide definitely provides a lot of helpful information. I know it is long, but trust me, read a section every day – I saved it to my Google docs and I read it on the go.

Don’t give up!!! 🙂