Reply To: Bike gears and cadence


Now this is a great question.  This means you are focus hard on cadence.  Nice work!  This really comes down to your gearing that you have on your bike (cassette).  There many different sizes of cassettes out there.  Some made more for climbing.  Others made for more general riding, etc.

That said, as you PRACTICE, you will get stronger, the higher cadence will become more comfortable and second nature and you will eventually move upwards where your ideal cadence is above this cross gearing.  It is very frustrating to be at this point right now as it doesn’t cause a lot of shifting and increases your potential for dropping your chain.

Thus my recommendation is to keep practicing.  Most likely, with practice, you will continue to improve your natural cadence state and move past this situation.  If not, there is always the options to change out your cassette.  However, given where we are in your triathlon tenure, my recommendation is to keep practicing.  It will come 🙂