Reply To: Strength Training Options During IM Training


Hi Amanda and future Ironmen/women:

I’m going to chime in too because I am a big OrangeTheory fan.  Please heed Coach AJ’s advice.  OrangeTherory is awesome for weight loss, short course running, getting a workout in when someone tells you exactly what to do for an hour.

At some point in your Ironman training though, you do need to train your body and gut for your long zone 2 race day. There’s this thing called specificity that basically says, in order to do well in something, one needs to practice that thing.

My personal recommendation for strength training would be to go through the very detailed athlete’s guide that you received in the on-boarding process and do 10-15 minutes of those exercises every day.

A very large part of the battle of Ironman training is getting to the start line healthy.  I fear the HIIT aspect of OrangeTheory may do more harm than good in your quest for Ironman! In my personal journey, I did OTF during the offseason only.