Reply To: racing outside your wave


Good point, Jennifer. But please know that each situation is different. In the case you’re saying, it may not be a safety issue. But since this is a group program with Eagleman as the goal race, please know that the weather conditions have historically been hot and humid. (The hottest and most humid day of the year in fact.) There’s no telling what your body will do when working out consecutively for 6-8 hours in those conditions unless of course you’ve been practicing in those conditions. That’s why it’s not safe to prolong your day by staying with a relative/friend. It’s the safer route to finish your race and let aid station volunteers or volunteers at the finish line know that you’re concerned about your friend/relative. They have the luxury of walkie talkies, cell phones, and have not been exercising for hours on end in heat and humidity. They are also probably thinking more clearly. We want you all to finish your races happy and healthy!