Reply To: Peasantman Training Plan Adaptations


Great questions Liz!  It is obvious that you are taking your training seriously, planning ahead and being strategic.  Because of this, these are the types of questions that we can all learn from since I am sure others do (or should) have the same questions.  Let’s dive in…

First off, Peasantman does fall on the worst weekend from a training perspective.  However this makes for a perfect learning experience.  What I recommend is that you plan to complete your 4 hour ride at Peasantman.  Previous years, we have always had a long ride heading out early Saturday morning.  Many people ride the Kinetic HIM course.  You can print off the cue sheet and you already have your route.  If you do a 7 am rollout, you can still be back in time for some of the clinics and the open water swim clinic/practice.

For the long run, it is my recommendation that you try to complete your long run mid week if possible.  If your schedule does not permit, then I recommend that you replace your long run with the practice race (just do it for the experiences that you spoke about) and then do your long run the following weekend (May 11-12).  Since it will now be part of your recovery week, just be sure to keep it nice and easy (zone 2).

These adjustments will allow you to complete your peak week while also participating in the Peasantman weekend.  It’s a win win!  See you there!