Reply To: Diamond in the Rough


Hi Barbara,

Yes, the details went out last Wednesday, I just checked and it looked like yours went to an email address with a verizon account. If you still don’t see it, email me at

Quick answers to your question above:

-Yes, Friday is arrivals

-Saturday – Clip in is 8am (this means that we LEAVE at 8, so be onsite before that to get set up)

-Route – I’ve polled the group, and we’ll be riding the route for North East Tri, because going to the Diamond in the Rough route would require us to drive about 20 minutes. But the good news is that you’ll be driving right past the course so I am suggesting that people drive the course while there out there.

-Sunday – check out of the campsite is 1pm, it looks like most people will be getting up to run.

I hope this helps, and do shoot me an email if you still can’t find the info. And if anyone else has questions feel free to post!

See you this weekend!