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Adding several to the hallowed names above:

Spirit: Abri Nelson, NOVA’s ambassadoress

Member of Year: Mark Raugust, long-time NTP chief wrapped up long-time Wilson track workouts


As an aside, among the year’s notable events were the Elite Team’s fine sports socials, Ron Benedict’s winter spins, Kate Ayoub, David Jiang, Adriana Anderson, & Tuan Nguyen’s PeasantMan Tri, & Alisson Nordberg’s Gtown bric-nic.

The best area endurance performers in the three tri legs included:

Running, Mike Wardian, 10 sub-3 marathons in 10 days, the last at Hains Pt accompanied by some clubbers

Biking, Bryan Frank, David Jiang biking to SavageMan weekend.

Swimming, club partner Denis Crean swimming from Chain Bridge to Mt. Vernon

And a Goat (not G.O.A.T.): The city’s Park Dept., for missing its two-year deadine to reconstruct the Hains Pt. pool