Reply To: Trainer advice

Jorge Alvarez

It really depends on the type of tire you purchase. My racing tires are completely different than my trainer back tire. Its quite annoying having to change tires every time I race, but because I do most of my riding indoors during the winter, it doesn’t really bother me as much.

However, if you have a smooth tire and you go out biking after its rained, like Coach mentioned, you might slip and get into a bad accident. So, whether you are on a trainer or not, I recommend doing some reading on the different types of tires out there. BUT.. there is a special tire for trainers… they usually have a red strip on them.

Another good tip Ryan mentioned – keep your tired inflated whether on a trainer or riding outside. I got my pump on Amazon and its got a measuring gauge thing on it. It is small enough I can easily carry it on my backpack, too.