Reply To: HR in aero position


One of the advantages of the aero position is that it can give your body a rest from the continuous effort that the more upright position can require.  Thus the hope is that in the aero position will bring your HR down, offer a change in positioning, allow muscles to recharge, etc.  Thus this is likely just a response to a different position and it needs to be trained just like your upright position.

That said, given that you have a fairly substantial drop in heart beat, I would recommend that you ensure you have had a recent physical with your primary care physician.  Check to make sure you are not deficient in anything with your bloodwork and address this situation with your doctor.  There are situations where individuals could have a position related (potentially urgent) situation so getting a work up to understand if there is anything concerning about your situation could be warranted.

Curious to hear if any of our other thought leaders here have other ideas/feedback…