Reply To: Strength training / running form resources


A couple of follow up items…

Strength training – Since most of us are tight on time, strength training is most often the workouts that fall off the schedule.  For this reason we talk about what ‘must’ happen (core and glut focused strength training).  To make this as easy and effective for you, targeted Glut Activation Exercises are provided in the Athlete’s Guide.

In addition, triathletes are encouraged to do functional strength training (using body weight as resistance) versus targeted body part strengthening (except gluts and core).  Targeted muscle groups should be strengthened if recommended by a physical therapist to resolve compensations or imbalances.

If you are short on time and want the biggest bang for your buck, please see the Glut Activation Exercise document in the Athlete’s Guide.  If you have more time on your hands, there are many good options out there like “Strength Training for Triathletes.”

Running  Mechanics – While I am not intimately familiar with ‘Running Rewired,’ let’s not make proper running mechanics too complicated.  If you can’t stand in front of a mirror and ‘run in place’ to a metronome set to 90 steps per minute (one foot) or swing your arms to a cadence of 90 spm, it will be next to impossible to transition this to a dynamic activity like running.  If you follow the Running Drills offered in the Athlete’s Guide, this will set you on the right path.  You can’t get faster unless you have proper running mechanics in place first and foremost.

If you have extra time and want to read books about it, please do so. It can only help and reiterate the importance.  However, if not, we are trying to make this as streamlined for ease of use and incorporation so you actually do it! 🙂