Reply To: Master Swim – Interested?

Jorge Alvarez

Hello everyone,

Apologies for just getting back, I had fallen ill and finally feeling back to normal.

As Jason mentioned, the first swim with MSP is free; however you still need to create an account and sign up for it.

Few things to consider:

  • This swim group focuses on triathlon swimming/technique
  • Opportunity to get form/technique feedback to take on your own and practice
  • Opportunity to swim with other triathletes and get to make new friends
  • We know the coaches, we can always provide feedback to improve our program
  • You can absolutely find other MSP  through the USA Triathlon site; however, keep in mind most swimming groups focuse on pool swimming and not triathlon swimming (DCAC is one of them). Their groups are larger but you might be able to find a group near where you live
    • You will have to ask them directly to provide feedback
    • I have swam with DCAC before. Large group and even though I loved it, I didnt really get a lot of feedback from the coach as she focused on the elite swimmers more than the others

Just a few things to keep in mind. Would people be free next Wednesday? Trying to give ample time to plan.

Please let me know.