Reply To: Run Cadence

Jorge Alvarez


One thing to keep in mind is that we are also focusing our training on HR. If you had a 30min run in zone 1, then your pace is obviously going to be very slow and it will take some time to get your running cadence to 180 per min for booth feet. However, you still want to keep your feet moving quickly. One of the reasons why we also run in zone 1 – to work on form and to also train//manage our HR.

Some highlights from Coach’s awesome running form drill:

  • Watch the video – extremely helpful to understand running form
    • Arms not moving side-to-side or crossing
    • Leaning your body forward to create the 90 degree angle
      • This also helps with your foot landing under your hip, which is desired
    • quick step turnaround (think of one foot in front of the other)
    • Landing on mid-foot (not heel not toes)

If you have a Garmin watch, you can set a metronome for running and set it at 180. You can also set it up to go off every other step so it is easy to keep up with (quick step turnaround)

Hope this helps, and thanks, Coach, for sharing the drill.