Reply To: Clinic Days – March 8 & 15


Great time to remind everyone about a few key pieces of information for the clinics on Sunday.  Thank you Jorge for the great reminders.

  1.  Please review the handouts posted under ‘Resources & Handouts’ on the ODP webpage.  We will not be handing out these documents in order to be environmentally friendly.  Thus if you would like to have a copy to follow along or make notes, please do so yourself.
  2. If we haven’t told you enough, we will tell you one more time…it’s daylight’s savings time so please plan accordingly.  It doesn’t matter how many times we share this information, some of us will show up late 🙂
  3. And while this should go without saying, in light of the current health situation, if you are sick, we ask you to please stay home.  While we do not want you to miss the skills clinics, it is urgent that we don’t spread any unnecessary illnesses in larger group, close space situations like Sunday.
  4. Please be sure to bring the following things with you:
  • Bike, helmet, cycling shoes and (cold weather) biking gear
  • Swim gear
  • Foam roller
  • Your own lunch (all presenters and volunteers know you will be eating your lunch when desired)
  • Comfortable clothes

Look forward to seeing you Sunday! Weather looks perfect!