Reply To: Nutrition Planning

Megan Tuncer

I know in my last Ironman, I survived on uncrustables (those little sandwiches with well, no crust). The only downside is that peanut butter can be hard to swallow if your throat is dry. The upside, is that it will remind you to hydrate real quick! They were really easy to toss in my pocket/transition bags as well.

My last race was Louisville — 40 degrees and raining — and my next race will be Maryland — likely much warmer and in the sun. I’m definitely going to have to approach things a little differently this year as I will be sweating MUCH more. I tend to stay away from gus/gels on the bike and do whole foods for the sake of my stomach, so this clinic was helpful in starting my thinking about how I can manage carbs/sugar/caffeine/etc. and walk that line between feeling satisfied in my hunger and feeling too full before the run. Oh yeah, I was a bit hungry after my bike at Louisville.

I never knew about the clif bars either. I’m definitely going to have to turn the package over now before popping one into my back pocket. Last thing – when my hands were frozen at Louisville, I had a tough time opening packets and removing food. For anyone looking at a race that might also be chilly, I would recommend prepping food even at that level — prepping a pull tab or unwrapping before you’re out on the course!