Reply To: Clinic Days – March 8 & 15


Good afternoon,

Given the current, fluid, ever-changing situation we are currently faced with, out of an abundance of caution, we have cancelled the in-person clinics for Sunday, March 15.  As you know, it takes an incredible amount of energy, logistics and time to make them happen so this decision did not come lightly.  However we also must abide by DC’s state of emergency announcement and requirements, as well as make the best decision to protect our staff, volunteers and you, the participants.

While we just made this decision, I am working on remote, online learning options.  Since this is uncharted territory for us (me!), it may take some planning (and patience) to create the best plan to undertake this learning.  So please bear with us.

That said, we encourage you to continue to train and train together in small groups.  Please support small businesses (bike stores, running stores, etc.)  because they will be hardest hit.  However please do all of this through awareness and calm and lots and lots of hand washing.  Last but not least, please be very self aware and if anyone is feeling ill or showing flu-like symptoms to please stay home and self-quarantine.

In conclusion, we will NOT be holding the scheduled in-person clinics this Sunday, March 15th.  Please stay tuned for next steps.  Thank you for your understanding!