Reply To: DC Pools


Unfortunately we cannot.  We have already put so much into these training programs and training plans between Kick Off Meeting, clinics, forum, training plan, onboarding, etc.  What you will be able to do, if your training gets derailed or race cancelled, is use your training plan for a race later in the season.  We are not at this point yet so let’s just stay the course as we are all riding this situation together.

We have been asked about this type of thing from athletes that end up injured throughout the season.  And while we would like to accommodate for these athletes that end up sick or injured or a broken an arm or leg (or ankle, as unfortunately one of your very own HIP participant has done early in this season), we are a volunteer lead organization so we must work within our limits.

In addition, it’s disappointing given how much conversation and education we have had on the forum (and kick off meeting and first round of clinics) that you don’t feel like you have already received a great deal of value out of this training program.  You would pay this amount alone to buy a stock training program online.  So hopefully others feel that they have received a good value from what has been delivered thus far….and we are not done yet.  Lots of opportunity to learn as we navigate the situation ahead of us.

Also to note, I still plan on delivering the rest of the clinics via online format (and this has become an enormous lift for me but one that we will do our best to deliver on).  Thus, hopefully all of this will pass, you will be able to find a race that is still moving forward and adjust your training program to allow for you to train for whatever race you decide to take on.  Thankfully there are a wealth of half ironman options in September and October!  Thus there is no lack of options.

Yesterday alone I had three races cancelled on me. I am not receiving any refunds nor am I expecting any since I know firsthand the behind-the-scenes work, time and financial investments that must go into putting on events like a race (or clinic, etc).  Some of my athletes and their bikes were already in Puerto Rico when they cancelled the race.  Obviously none of this is ideal for any of us but this is absolutely out of ALL of our control.