Reply To: Mid Season Check In

Kirsten Hillyer

My training has been going ok. I am finding it hard to stay motivated to stick to my training plan because of the missing swimming portion. However, because I am working from home I have been able to actually complete my bike rides with the necessary dedicated effort rather than trying to squeeze them in during my commute to or from work.

This past weekend I realized that I need help and advice in fueling. I am seriously struggling with my fueling while on the bike. I am currently training with Nuun Endurance plus caffeine, it has carbs and electrolytes. I was using it when training for my half marathon and it worked well for that but it doesn’t sit great in my stomach. So I ordered Skratch to see if I like that better, i’m worried that I won’t because it has more sugar which usually gives me a side cramp. My main issue though is that I don’t drink enough while on my bike. I go out with 16oz bottle and its rare if I drink more than half. I forget that I need to drink. The past 2 weekends on my bricks, I completely bonk on my runs. I get 2 or 3 miles into my run and my legs start to cramp, I can’t hold a pace or cadence, and I just fall apart. I am well hydrated before my brick so I know my hydration levels are good before my workout. If anyone can lend some advice for how to pace my drinking or how you remind yourself to take a drink while riding, I would love to hear it. Or what others are using for fuel.