Reply To: Mid Season Check In

Pablo Solar

Hi Everyone. In general my training is going well, except the swimming as most of us but I think it should be ok, just missing training open water as its something different than just doing laps in the pool. To be honest I struggle with the strength workouts, they don´t motivate me at all.

The fact of not going to work has allowed me to keep training constantly, but the ride is always a bit challenging due to weather conditions, specially when is very windy, but I just force myself out ad it feels very rewarding when Im done. I also live in Arlington, and during the week I take the trail in gravelly point and ride close to the Virginia Hospital Center. Depending on what the workout for that day is, I ride half the time that direction and then come back. There are a few uphills that are good for those workouts, specially a long one that´s challenging enough. During the weekends I found that the best trail is the one that starts in Anacostia Park, and takes you all the way to Berwyn Park, its fast, not busy (just the first couple of miles), nice and you can ride up to 2 and a half hours way and back. Also WOD is good, but you have to go early morning to avoid all the people there.

In terms of fueling, I take a bottle of water with nuun or SIS salt tablets per hour of riding, and I drink every ten to 15 minutes. When doing bricks, I take a gel (or a bar) around 5 to 10 minutes before ending the ride, so when I get to the run it has already kicked in, and helps with cramping and not to get hungry in the middle of the run.