Reply To: Training Plan Alternatives

Jason Sreedhar

Yup, its been mostly easy riding to minimize the overuse injuries. I had a slight achilles flare up while running a couple weeks back (mostly just soreness), so I’ve been using easy cycling to maintain some of the fitness while I build back the run volume (gradually).

@jorge bragging rights! With the amount of trash I talk, I gotta at least try to back it up ?

@brian 100% agree with you on that. Running is funny in that low intensity steady training can give you bigger benefits than it would in other sports. I’ve been playing with some maffetone-esque Z1 running over the past few months and its brought my easy paces down quite a bit (race shape is a different issue tho). Abe Lincoln was also a big proponent of low intensity running, so it can’t be all that bad…