Reply To: Virtual Race?


Good for your Julia!  You are right, you have put in the hard work.  Go give it a go and have fun with it.  You will still be able to learn a lot from a practice race like this.  In fact, I have been doing this all season long with many of my athletes! It’s a great way to experience the distance, dial in good nutrition, fine tune your pacing, etc.

While I would also love to hear if others have done some virtual or practice races, the one thing I will recommend is that you do some good planning in advance.  There are few places that you can open water swim and easily transition to a bike and run.  Sandy Point has cracked down on cyclists riding out of the park (and then wanting to return).  So planning ahead will definitely start you off on the right track.

Anyone else have tips? Or words of encouragement for Julia?

For me, I am impressed Julia! Let us know how your effort goes as you have put in the hard work and feel good.  Have fun and be safe!