Reply To: Virtual Race?

Romain Taravella

I definitely had made the math for the bike and tested my plan during the longer workouts. I targeted 2h30min on the bike, with 65g of carbs per hour (260 cal./h), so a minimum of 162g of carbs for the bike (with a bit more just to be on the safe side and also to cover for a longer leg than expected) which is covered by the 3 gels (22g of carbs each), 1 bar (38g) and 2 bottle 26 fl. oz. of Gatorade (44g each). I confess that for the run I winged it a bit (thinking it would be quite shorter than the bike and I would push through…) and now that I am looking at it more closely, this may explain why it became so hard by the end.

Does the 65g of carbs(260-275 cal)/hr apply to the run as well?

When you say “whole food” can you remind me what you have in mind?

I missed the webinar on nutrition, is there an audio I could listen to?