Reply To: Virtual Race?


Now we are talking! I figured you had done your homework and just hadn’t broke it down.  This is what I want others to see and understand.  There is a big math equation before long course training and racing nutrition and you are well on your way to securing a solid plan.

To answer your questions…

Does the 65g of carbs(260-275 cal)/hr apply to the run as well?  No it does not.  Due to the impact of running, your stomach cannot handle as much, calories, carbs, etc.  This is why it is recommended to get in some solid or whole foods on the bike, transition around mile 40 or so to simple sugars so your stomach is fully digested by the time you get off to run and then use simple sugars for the run.

For the run, you want to use 1 times your body weight in calories per hour or 60-65 g.  As you found out, you need to have a solid plan for the length of your run, just like you engineered for your bike.

When you say “whole food” can you remind me what you have in mind? On the bike, if you train your stomach, you are able to digest solid or whole food options.  However in very small bites and regular intervals (2-3 bites, every 10-15 minutes) to get in the targeted number of calories or carbs.  Options are boiled/salted mini potatoes (these are a hit with my athletes and always a favorite of ultra runners), peanut butter pretzel nuggets, PB&J, etc.  Many athletes use the book ‘Portables’ by Dr. Allen Lim (created these options for the Tour de France riders) and find their favorite option to make and use.

There are many options out there but you have to identify what sounds good to you and works for you (in small increments).  Trust me, cutting the sugar on the bike could just save your race!

I missed the webinar on nutrition, is there an audio I could listen to? Rebecca Mohning offered this seminar and unfortunately a recording is not available.

Hopefully this helps everyone understand what must go into the nutrition side of long course racing!  It’s both an art and a science and the reason I asked Romain these specific questions.  Hopefully you all could answer with a similar nutrition plan.  If not, get working!  Since it’s a lot of trial and error, this is the season to work through that process! Silver linings 🙂

Great work Romain!